How to Download Spotify Premium [Updated] Free 100% working

The Spotify premium app is one of the most and top 10 downloaded apps all over the world. If you are a new user of Spotify and lack of money and don’t know how to download Spotify premium free, then you do not need to worry about it.

how to download Spotify premium apk free

How to download Spotify premium free [Updated] .?

We have brought up this post for you on the full detail of Spotify and how to get Spotify premium free. Enjoy its more premium feature without any cost.


You needed to pay a little attention to know what is Spotify?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an amazing app that gives you approach millions of songs and music. You can create your own playlist and have a share with your friends.

In the market, there are Spotify free and Spotify premium apps available for download. But, in this post, we will just centre of attention on Spotify premium.

Spotify premium

Spotify premium is the advanced version that has different payment plans for students, family, and office use. The charges are cheapest for students and highest for office use.

Some people do not want to pay, even, the least amount. We know you are one of those. Don’t worry. We have a nice solution to it.

How to download Spotify premium free forever [Updated]

We have brought for you the free Spotify that is available for download instantly. Click here to download Spotify Premium for free.

Follow the following button to download Spotify premium

  1. Goto to Download page by the clicking the below button
  2. Then follow the instructions given on that page

After download, install it on your iPhone/MacBook or Android. Now, you have to need to sign up with an email account or with Facebook ID.

You can choose one way to sign up and search for the songs that you desire to listen. Plus, you can make your playlist and can share it with your friends.


We will guide you on getting Spotify premium free on your android, IOS, and Window.

How to get Spotify premium free?

Free trails method

For new users, Spotify offers 90 days free trials which are the easiest way to use the Spotify premium app for free. Follow the steps below mentioned and enjoy the free music for 90 days.

  • Create a new account by clicking on the “Get Spotify Free” button on the Spotify web page.
  • Sign in with the email or Facebook.
  • Enjoy lots of music and the features you want to use.

Family member account

Spotify Premium offers 6 accounts for family members at a very cheap monthly charge, 14.99 USD. These are roughly 2.49 USD per account. For individuals, it will charge 9.99 USD.

Invite 6 friends who are, really, interested to join Spotify premium. Just, link all six accounts and all the members will enjoy the features at an extremely cheap rate.

You can also invite friends who are already using the Spotify premium and ask them to be one of the six.


How long is Spotify free?

Spotify offers to its customers 1-month free trial use. But, after 1  month it may convert you to the paid version.

Is there anything better than Spotify?

There is only one choice that is better than Spotify is apple music. With the great interface and user experience, you will get from apple music better than Spotify.


If you want to know how to download Spotify premium free follow the above-mentioned steps. You can also share this guide with those who do not know how to download Spotify premium free app.

Don’t forget to share with us the platform you mostly use to listen to music.