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Free Download Asphalt Urban GT 2 Mod APK Latest 2021.Download it for you mobiles and also you can use it on your PC or laptop.
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Free Download Asphalt Urban GT 2 Mod APK Latest 2021.Download it for you mobiles and also you can use it on your PC or laptop.

Asphalt Urban GT 2, also known as Asphalt 2 Urban GT, or simply Asphalt 2, is a racing video game developed and published by Gameloft for Nintendo DS, N-Gage, and PlayStation Portable devices. A 2.5D Java ME mobile version has also been released.
The game features special appearances from The Pussycat Dolls in various loading screens and scores, and a sample of Moby’s single “Lift Me Up” is also included. The Nintendo DS was released nearly a year after the N-Gage, with improved graphics, sound, and dual-screen compatibility. The PSP version, which was released a few months later, features further improved graphics and sound.

Asphalt Urban GT 2 Game Play

The gameplay in Urban GT 2 is often compared to Burnout, Need for Speed, and other titles where players can eliminate opponents by crashing into them and evading or removing police cars. There is a required metric that determines the level of police awareness if Nitro is used, other competitors removed, or urban mayhem. Much like Grand Theft Auto’s Wanted Level System – if the ‘WANTED’ red light flashes, it usually means players must do what it takes to avoid police cars and police helicopters – otherwise they might have to stop and lose their money.

Asphalt: Urban GT Background

In 2004, the development of Asphalt: Urban GT focused on bringing the console racing experience to a mobile phone. It was a huge success, not only technically, but also in terms of its critical and admirer reception, so a sequel was emphasized. However, after just one year, Asphalt: Urban GT 2’s challenge is topping the graphics, scope and design of the first game, in order to deliver a more realistic street racing experience.

Updates with time

Due to this push to make Asphalt: Urban GT 2 the best it can be on every platform, the differences between the 2D and 3D versions are starting to emerge. The 2D version of the game had eight cars and two bikes. From powerful 1960s cars to ultra-luxurious Lamborghini, there has been a good selection of toys to enjoy. But gamers who own phones capable of 3D (i.e. Nokia’s revolutionary N-Gage), Nintendo DS, or Sony PSP have been treated to much more than that. In total, there were 45 licensed vehicles available in these versions, adding icons like the Skyline GTR to the garage. But, even though you played Asphalt: Urban GT 2, the team did their best to ensure every car and bike was reproduced in the best detail possible.

Through the game, you can unlock new rides by winning money in races. But to get the most out of each car, you had to use Asphalt: Advanced Tuning Options in Urban GT 2. These changes and upgrades allowed for fundamental changes that affected the way your ride was handled, giving you an edge without having to buy a new car.