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KineMaster makes video editing fun on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook! KineMaster makes it easy to edit videos with lots of powerful tools, downloadable content, and much more:
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Download Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk pro with its latest version. The best available Video Editor for android smartphones is the one and only KineMaster APK. There are plenty on the play store and all of them are quite amazing and but the features and the tools the KineMaster has got I think there is no parallel to this gigantic tool master. I should say if you are in the world of video editing and you have not heard this amazing editing then you haven’t heard anything about editing tools.

This is a completely free tool to use for video editing with stunning features and tons of qualities. It exports all kinds of resolutions including 4k. This is something very incredible about the tool.

The KineMaster video editor is an Android app that is totally free to use but there are some features within the App which are paid. The premium version has got some insane features that equipped this master tool with enough armoury to handle difficult tasks.

Different Versions Of KineMaster APK-(kinemaster mod apk)

The KineMaseter has got different types regarding functionality and tools availability and the last but not the least features that you will get by switching from one type to another. Let’s have a look one by one all the types of the master tool and see what kinds of features we will get with all these types. Almost this application is same as vivavideo video Editor. Also you can download viva video for PC from here.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk : ( We encourage to buy from Google PLAYSTORE)

The KineMaster Mod APK has got stunning features with to make your video more attractive. This is a paid version that offers some extra features that you can’t enjoy with the free KineMaster version.

Let us jump into the features that you are going to get with this version of the master tool. It the list will include all the features that you will get on the free version as well.

Here we have got some of the main features of this gigantic tool master The KineMaster Pro or Mod version. The features are mind blowing and will keep on toes once you download this massive and unique video editor. Let’s jump into the main features of KineMaster Mod APK pro.


  1. Adding Layers

This is one of the most important features of the KineMaster Video Editing Tool. The KineMaster allows to add multiple layers to a single or multiple video clips. Till now, The editors allow only 5 kinds of layers to increase the interest of your video. So, now the question is that what kind layers we can add to a video clip or an image while doing editing.

Here is the list of the five things that you can add to the video clip.

  • Media:

This option will allow you to bring an image or another video clip as a layer. One thing to understand here and that is when you bring another image or a video clip it will be used as a layer on the original video.

  • Effects

Effects bring your video to life. You can add different effects to the video to make more attractive and interesting to make it a profitable source.

The effects that you can use are, you can make a video Kaleidoscopic, can make the video blur as well as more clear and a bight one. Colour effects are there to increase the interest of the video.

  • Overlay:

This is another layer you can add as a layer. The overlay and effects are quite similar in nature but have a totally different functions as looking at the functionality of both the tools

It uses another video clip that can be added to the original video and will work as a subpart of the original video.

  • Text:

Text is another important layer to add to the video clip for making it more revealing and attractive to the user as the tags and description comes later but the text on the video tells a great deal about the video.

  • Handwriting:

To make your video more interesting and natural you can this tool. The tool will allow you to sketch free handwriting in the surrounding of the video clip. So drawing or doodle around your video is much easier as compared to the other Apps available for the same purpose.

Now it is the time to introduce how you can install or download the tool.

The process of using the layer tool and make it work very easy. All you have to do is to follow a simple process and it is given below.

  1. First of all open the KineMaster Mod APK, I mean the pro version of the app to avail all the features though you will get this option even with the free version as well.
  2. Then click on the layer on the right media panel as shown in the figure. After clicking the layer menu you will see some options of the layers from which you can select your desired one to proceed further.
  3. After following the steps of the process as you have been told to follow then you will be able to see a play button on the media panel. Just tap to see that your layer is added to the video clip and it is up and running now.

This is the whole process that you need to follow to provide your video with a layer that like the most.

When you edit your video with the free version of the software you will find some unwanted stuff that a professional video editor will not like to see when his video is played on any platform.

But this is one the headaches along with the other that you will find in the free version of the software.

Instant Preview, With No Delay.

Another important feature of the KineMaster video editor. When you do you to have a preview before making your video live. This is an important feature that will provide a chance to see your work done on the video and allow you to rectify anything that is not correct.

All you have to do is to click the preview tab and look at your work instantly. There is no delay time to watch a video that you have done just a while ago and make the changes according to your own desire.

Chroma Key:

This is one of the important features of the product to produce the results that you want. It is good to understand Chroma Key and what is the main purpose of this key.

Chroma key is actually a method that is used to replace the original color of the video clip and insert some other content to increase the effects of the video. This content may be graphs, maps and animations or combine it with material from another shot.

KineMaster uses two main colours to show the effects and these two colors are Green and Blue. But have you ever thought that why only these colours are used in the method?

The reason behind using only these two colors is that both of the colors are in contrast with the human being color. So, that is the reason that it provides a great deal of contrast.

The chroma key helps in combing two entirely different shots in the same frame. This effect is time and energy saving. Merging of different video clips has become very easy.

How to use Green Screen On KineMaster in :

Before using any App or software you must have sufficient knowledge about it. This is what something very essential for everyone. So, here we have a solution for you that how to use this key, key which is the Chroma Key of the kineMaster.

First of all, add your background layer to the top-level but here you will not be to enable the Chroma Key even you will not be able to see it as an option to use it if your selected option is top-layer.

After that add the green screen under the background. After this add you video clip for which you want to use the green screen.

After done with this step all you need to do is to enable the Chroma Kay of the Kinemaster APK that is placed on the top-right corner of the window and then start your video and see the effects.

Blending Modes:

Blending mode is another key feature of this gigantic app. The blending mode offers a lot of features that can be used to make a video more attractive and lively. These modes are given below with short descriptions.

Blending modes are the setting that alters how a layer interacts with clips on the primary timeline. You can use tons of features to use tough all of seem to the same but they have a slightly different effect. Now let’s have a look the effects that can be used.

To use the blending mode tap the layer which you want to blend and then tap the blending. As soon as you tap the blending a menu will open where you will find the following.

On the top, there is an Alpha or Opacity slider. It can be used to increase the intensity of effects. Following are the blending modes.

  • Normal

Normal mode does not add any effect to the layer.

  • Overlay

This mode is used to darken the dark area of the layer and lighten the lightened area of the layer to add some great effect to the video clip

  • Multiply:

This is another option used for blending. It will darken the pixels than the pixel area of the video layer.

  • Screen

The blending effect of this mode is totally different from the Multiply mode.

  • Soft layer

This is something more similar to the Overlay option that has mentioned already with more defuse results

  • Hard light

It will lighten or darken the pixels depending on how they multiply or screen. Lighten increase the brightness and on the other hand, the darken does exactly opposite of the lightening.

  • Colour Burn

It darkens the pixels according to the colour in the video or the image layer.

Transition mode:

This is another awesome feature of the KineMaseter Mod Pro edition. The purpose of this mode is to bring two different clips together in order to blend them altogether or make them stand out.

The KineMaster has got a few built-in transitions that can be used to get the results you want. But if you do not find anything of your interest there in the menu then you can head to the asset store and can download it for free the mode which you like the most.

Colour Filters:

Colour filters is the tool that can be used for colour adjustments. So now you can easily change the colour according to your own choice. There are three types of color tools to modify the colour of the image or the clip.

This option allows you to change the Brightness, saturation and the Contrast of the image or video that is selected for the adjustments.

  • Brightness

The brightness slider is there to adjust the overall brightness of the image or video clip. Moving up from zero the brightness will be increased a great deal and moving down will bring the brightness down to a level where you will not be able to see anything.

  • Saturation:

Saturation is something that does not affect the light of the image or video clip but it saturates the colours

Moving upward from zero makes the bright colours more intense which means that this tool is used to increase the intensity of the colors

Moving down will make the whole image or video clip all grey in color.

  • Contrast:

Contrast is there to make the bright colors more bright and darken the lighter colors when we move up from zero to upward.

On the down from zero to minus will fade out all the contrast.

Keyframe Animation:

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk has got another feature that allows you to make intimations to the video that you have for the adjustments to be done.

It is a perfect tool to change the scale, rotation and composition of components in your videos. Let’s have a look at how to do it.

Tap on secondary layer on the timeline to select it and then tap the Keyframe button in the action bar. The selected element will be changed according to your choice.

The Assets Of The KineMaster:

The KineMaster asset store is there to provide you with everything that you want to see and use in your video clip to make it more attractive and catchy. The asset store provides the user with verity to choose from. So, let’s have a look at the asset store of the kinemaster editing tool.

You can reach the Asset Store of KineMaster from the following places.

  • Tap the asset store button from the startup
  • Access from the within the project by tapping the asset store under the menu wheel.
  • And there are some other sections as well to reach the asset store

You will find the following things in the asset store of KineMaster. The navigation is possible through the bar on the left.

  • The KineMaseter Will open in the recently added editions and frequently download assets. Below this there are assets of
  • Effects
  • Transition
  • Overlay Animations
  • Stickers
  • Fonts
  • Music and sound effects

If you want to install any asset on your mobile phone is to tap on that asset and click the download option and install it.

No Watermark:

The free version along with the limited features also have another drawback and that is the watermark on the KineMaster that decrease the professional look of the video that you want to edit the free version of the video editing tool.

With this KineMaster Mod APK will be able to get rid of the watermark that you and your viewers do not like to see again and again.

Frame per frame cutting, slicing and trimming.

These are the features that you will need the most. Whenever a video is made it has got some mistakes that need to be removed from to provide the best results and the attract the crowd you want.

All these options are there to enable the user to make an error-free video to make it very appealing and attractive.

Video Reverse Option:

To get even better results and to watch your video before making it live you can watch the whole video by reversing it back and watch it closely. All you need to do is to just make the video more attractive.

Adding Background Music.

You can add background music to the layer you want. It can be an image or a video clip. The background music just increase the interest of the audience.

The KinaMaster is making it easy to slice or trim a video clip. So using this tool you will be to making a video that a customer needs.

Speed Control:

If you want to make a video that must be long enough you will have to control the speed of the video. This option allows the user to make its video with its own choice. Whatever you want to add you can add. You need to slow down the speed of the video that will help you in saving your precious time.

Slow Motion:

This is another effect that you can add to the layer. It slows down the clip of the video that you want to play in the slow motion.

4K Video Support:

This new technology seems to replace the other resolution that you can use for full UHD plus resolution. The KineMaster Pro version is carrying support 4K video which means that you can get anything to have with this gigantic video editor.

Share Your Work:

The last but not the least is that you can share the work that you have done, on any social media platform like, Facebook, Google+, and plenty of other networks.

These were the main features that you can get with this new version of KineMaster called the Mod apk. Let’s jump into the other versions of the App that what can extract the get from.

KineMaster Pro APK- Kinemaster Premium (Buy from Google Play Store)

This is the atoner version of the KineMaster that has got almost the same features that are mentioned above. It is a free downloadable app that is the best for video editing.

But other free versions have got the problem of watermark that does not allow a video to get a professional look. So to solve this problem the KineMaster Pro APK is available for downloading that has got no watermark. It means that you can make professional videos with this Pro APK version of the KineMaster.

So, if you are a Youtuber or Vlogger then and want to make professional videos then the KineMaster Pro APK is the best option for you among all the available video editors in the app store.

It has got all the above features that are mentioned above. Do not wait to download this amazing app and make your videos attractive with so much ease.

KineMaster Premium For ios

Kinemaster has also its own version in ipa format for ios/iPhone users. You can download kinemaster for ios and iPhone form the ios App store. Or if you don’t find it on the apple app store then you can download it from Google simply by searching it. Also, we are giving you download link for iPhone and ios devices. Download Kinemaster premium for ios/iPhone from HERE.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk:

KineMaster Diamond Mod Apk is one of the best versions available for video editing to make more attractive without any cost. You will face so many problems with other versions like watermark, blending effects, reversing your video and other several problems.

If you want to get rid of all these then you have to download the free version of the KineMaster Diamond Mod Apk to get best possible results and make your video charming and attractive.

Let us have a look at features that you will get with this gigantic video editing tool. Though, most of the features are similar.


  • Easy to reverse
  • New premium color filters
  • You can split your video up to 0.1 seconds
  • You can increase the up 4x, 8x or 16x whatever you want. So you can enjoy your video at a very fast speed to give it a unique look
  • There is no limit of video layer that is something exceptional about this diamond version
  • New blending features
  • Support for 4k. A new features for quality videos
  • No watermark headache
  • Premium transitions
  • Premium layers
  • Speed optimization
  • Choice of your own video ratio that is 16:9, 9:16, 1:1
  • Updated features
  • New assets store to make it more flexible
  • All premium features are unlocked
  • Includes many different animations styles
  • Chroma key enable
  • Real-time video and audio recording
  • You can share your work

How To Download The kinemaster mod apk App

After looking at the features of this gigantic video editing App now we are moving toward its downloading and installation process that is very easy to follow.


  • First of all, click the Download button
  • After the completion of the downloading process, go to setting of your android smartphone
  • After this click on security
  • It will lead to an option unknown source
  • Click it and turn it on
  • Then click on the App
  • Then install the app
  • And keep enjoying with the Diamond Version of the App

Kinemaster mod pro APK For PC

KineMaster is such a wonderful App that it has got tons of features that no one can resist this app. But there is a problem that this is only developed for Android and iOS. So that is the main problem to look after.

But you do not worry about anything if you are a PC user and you want to use it on your PC rather than Android or iOS. This powerful video editor can be used for windows 7/8.1 and 10.

But the question is how one can use the app on the PC as it is developed for smartphones. Well, you can use it for windows as well but you have to download a special app for this and that app is called an emulator.

The benefit of this software is that you can easily install any Android or iOS APP and use on your PC. In other words, we can say that Emulator enables the PC to work as an Android or iOS.

Process Of Downloading:

  • Download Android Emulator on your PC.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, look for Play Store.
  • Add your Google-Account on Play Store.
  • Now search for Kinemaster and install the app
The Best Ever Top Ten Types Of KineMaster:

Here we have a list of 10 different types of kind master versions that you can use for your satisfaction. It is totally up to you the amount of your work that which kind of version will suit you the best.

  • KineMaster Black
  • KineMaster Diamond
  • KineMaster Blue
  • KineMaster Gold
  • KineMaster Pro
  • KineMaster Legend
  • KineMaster Lite
  • KineMaster Green
  • KineMaster Prime
  • KineMaster Prox+

So that is what you can get from the blending mode of the kinemaster mod APK. Kinemaster with this blending mode option provides the user with tons of features. But remember that you will get all these features with the premium APK. The free version will not facilitate you with all these.

This is the App that you were looking for. It has got everything for you regarding video editing. You can merge different clips of the video you want to work on with so much ease.

Adding layer is much easier than anything else. Adding text, handwriting, another video clip and much more to increase the effects your video that will bring charm to your video.

It has got free as well as paid versions. The free version is coming with a few features that will limit your skill but still it good to use this version as a beginner. And after you start earning money you can easily add more tools to your skills that will increase your working ability to make you a professional video editor.

The Premium version of this gigantic video editing has got so many features that may take ages to understand them. If you want to become a professional video editor then this will be a good choice for you to have in your tools.

There are different versions of the KineMaster Video Editor available in the market. All of them have their own specific features with enough tools and characters to offer. All of the versions are free to download but some of the versions have got some paid features that will get you squared away.

We have tried to bring the Video Editor KineMaster with enough information that will enough for you to decide whether to go for it or leave it for a good version.

So, select the best one and play around that. There are thousands of features that will never bore you. Make any change that you want to your video and produce your work the way wish.

This was all from us and expect that your response will be the best one. So,
If you have liked the blog, please leave us feedback. Your feedback will be a good thing for that will let us know that we are heading toward the right direction we are missing something that can be rectified.

What's new

Feature updates:
1. Adds support for import and export of project files
2. Adds support to replace media (video and photo) files in the Timeline

UX/UI changes:
1. New home screen design
2. Adds an updated FAQ menu (The Email Support button has moved to the bottom of each FAQ article)