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Download and install Parler App 2021 for android mobile. We will provide Parler app apk to download. Parler is an unbiased, free speech social media focused on protecting user rights.
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Download and install Parler App 2021 for android mobile. We will provide Parler app apk to download. Parler is an unbiased, free speech social media focused on protecting user rights. Create your own community and enjoy content and news in real time. Apply moderation tools to filter content. Empower yourself to take control of your social experience and become a certified member of the community!.

About Parler App Apk

Parler is a popular social media app that is mostly known in the United States. It is an app mostly used by people who believe in freedom of expression. The app is popular among supporters of the 45th President of the United States of America. A large number of users are right-wing and conservative. Although the app has been removed from Google Play Store and other APK repositories. With this guide, you can download Parler on your Android phone and install it on your device, be it Samsung, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei or OnePlus. Basically, it works with all Android devices.

Parler is known as a speechless social network, where one can debate without prejudice. Once you have an account, you can share your news, information, or views. You can also communicate with others on the network using private messages.

Parler is a relatively new social media network on the market. Privacy rules and community standards are very lax compared to Facebook and Twitter. One can share his point of view no matter how offensive it is to others. One can share the conspiracy theories he believes in with his followers and friends, without any notice from the app. Although the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store. However, you can install it on your Android device using Parler APK below.

Download Parler App for Android

You can download the APK file from above on your Android phone. While downloading, you might come across a note that this could be unsafe for your phone. This is because you are not downloading it from the Google Play Store. APK files are what you download from the Play Store on your phone to install new apps. If you have to manually download and install any app that is not on Google play store, you must use the APK file.

Update: If you encounter an “Unauthorized” error on Parler while trying to log in for the first time. This is because the servers are overloaded as many people join the network. Hopefully it will get fixed from the server side soon.

Once you download the APK file from above on Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel or any other Android phone. You can install it by following these steps:

  • First of all, you need to go to Settings -> Security -> enable download from unknown sources.
  • On some phones, such as the Google Pixel. You do not have the option mentioned above. You can install the APK file directly by simply downloading it to your phone.
  • Once this option is enabled, locate the downloaded file and install it on your Android phone.
  • After the installation process. You can either log in with your phone or register to create a new account.


Main highlights:

Discover sports, news, politics and entertainment
Engaging in official statements and insights from community leaders
Try dynamic media – like photos and GIFs
Echo, share, vote and comment on Parlays
Debate and moderate
Get insight on news headlines and videos
Stay away from the viral experience
Find out who started following you
Find out which of your Parlays was rated or resonated
Reply to comments or echo
A private message to your clique
Parlays and other media
Customize your profile with a picture, description, location and background picture
Tell the world what you want them to know!