Download Spotify [Updated] Mod APK for Android 100% Working

Having music enthusiasm but storage is the barrier between your passion? Let storage not come in your way by trying the new and one of the best music apps, Spotify mod APK for android.

Spotify mod apk is a music application specially built to answer your problems relating to music downloads and management.  As a result, you don’t need to worry about having additional storage devices or buying pricey Sd cards.

Download Spotify Mod APK 2021

Spotify Mod APK [Updated]

With this mod version, you can enjoy all the premium features of the Spotify Premium, like ad-free music, shuffling of songs, high-quality sounds, and a lot more that too for free. Here you can access more than 50M music tracks with a lot of other amusing and entertaining features.

If you love having a vast collection of songs and albums, then Spotify is your ultimate choice. You can add as many songs as you like and can create your playlists. You can also organize the songs collection according to their genres or artists. With this wonderful application, you can now listen to any music whenever you are or wherever you want to.

In this article, we will tell you how you can download the app on your mobile or windows. But before moving to the downloading, let’s have a brief overview of the main features of the app to make you have a better understanding.

Technical Details:

Before downloading, you must check for all the technical details. This info will help you decide whether the app is suitable for your mobile or not. Also, make sure that it supports the android version you are using or the windows on which you want to download this application.

These details include information from the size of the app to the version. The details are given in the table below:

Name Details
App nameSpotify mod apk
Size22 mb
VersionV8.5.64. 1046
Android Support4.0 or above
Offered BySpotify Ltd.
UpdateOne day ago


After knowing and understanding the essential technical features, let’s have a look into the main features of this app. The Spotify mod apk offers plenty of beautiful features briefly discussed below:

Track Skipping:

With the old free version of Spotify, you can skip a few tracks at a time. But with this modified version, you can enjoy all the premium features for free, including the unlimited track skipping without facing any inconvenience.

Now you can listen to your favorite song and skip to the next without any issue. This feature makes it the best and easiest to use the app.

No Rooting:

Rooting is allowing the app to have more access over your android system. This permission causes your data to be at risk of malware and viruses. The app also drains more energy as it can access more deep into the system if you are not very careful. It can also cause severe damage to the battery life and overall security of your data.

To prevent malware on your device, use the new Spotify mod app, which comes with the feasibility of using this app without requiring root permissions. You can use this app like any other without requiring advanced permits.

Streaming without Ads:

When listening to your favorite songs or streaming online for your favorite tracks, ads become quite annoying. They continuously keep appearing and disturbing you. We watch videos on Youtube and other video streaming apps daily, and the only annoying thing that distracts is repetitive ads.

These advertisements become so irritating, especially the unskippable ones. They destroy the moment and our mood. But with this modified music application, you can quickly get rid of this problem without doing much.

Maintaining High-Quality:

Quality is the most preferred aspect while looking for an app to download music tracks. Low quality can spoil the very essence of the song due to low sound and video effects.

The free version of Spotify comes with the problem of surfing in a low quality where the Premium versions give higher quality. But with Spotify mod apk, you don’t need to worry about the quality. It allows you to experience the 320 Kbps bitrate that is considered high quality.

Choose track of your liking:

Another setback of the Spotify plus or premium is the restriction of selecting songs of your own choice. You are obliged to listen to the songs in shuffle mode and allow only a few skips per hour. At maximum, you can skip only six tracks an hour, which can be a headache in most cases.

Want to play the song of your liking according to the event and place, then Spotify mod apk has got your back. If you’re going to listen to soft music on a long drive or listen to a party song at a party or picnic with your friends, you can just go to the playlist and select the song you want to listen to at the moment.

Social Bonding:

Now connect with your friends as well through this music app. Make a list of your incredible choices and just share it with your friends. You can also make collaborative playlists and then can share them in no time.

Your friends can add tracks of their likings into the collaborative playlists as well. Now sharing the playlists on social media has also become straightforward.

How to Download the Spotify mod APK? 

The downloading of the app is not very difficult. You can easily download on your android or your computer. First, make sure that the system meets the technical requirements and is suitable for your device. After making sure, you can start downloading by following the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, download the Spotify mod apk app from the link given below:

You will find the download link on the given site.

Step 2: Once done with downloading the app, go to settings to enable installation on your device. Go to Settings>Security>Device administrator and select Enable installation from 3rd party source option here. This enabling helps the installation of applications from the internet or other third party sources except for Google Play store.

Step 3: Now go to the location where the file has been downloaded on your device and open the file. After opening the file, you will see an option for installation. Tap on install and wait for it to get installed.

Step 4: Once selected the install option, wait for it to respond. The installation process mostly takes a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon the specifications of your system. If you have an advanced android setup, then this will take only a few seconds while having less space or an older and less efficient version may delay the process.

How to install Spotify mod APK on windows [Updated]?

This process may seem like a challenging and complicated job, but that is not the case. Instead, it is a more straightforward process followed by installing an emulator. Bluestacks is the most recommended emulator for this purpose. You can easily install the application on your windows following a few easy steps:

Step1: First of all download the Spotify mod apk from the given link:

Step 2: After downloading the app go for downloading the emulator. Search for a blue stacks emulator and download it on your PC.

Step 3: Setup the emulator after installing it on your PC. Sign in with your Google account and finish setting up completing the necessary steps.

Step 4: Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the Spotify mod apk, left-click on the icon. Choose ‘Open with Bluestacks apk installer’ and start installing the Spotify mod apk app.

Step 5: After the installation, You will see a shortcut created on your desktop. Open it and Sign in to enjoy unlimited music.


Is there a way to get Spotify Premium?

There is a way through which you can get Spotify premium free for some time. Simply signup for the 3-month free trial. for this, you should have different accounts and email addresses.

Is Spotify really free forever?

You can listen to songs offline without irritating ads and can skip songs too. you have no need to buy a premium version it’s free forever.

Does Spotify use my data?

Yes, it used data from your mobile if you don’t have a wifi connection to your phone. So, if you want to save your data make sure to connect a wifi connection to your phone while listening to Spotify


In the end, I would strongly recommend downloading the updated Spotify mod apk for enjoying the best experience of music streaming and experience of connectivity with your friends even if far away from each other. This app has brought all the extreme features of a Premium app free of cost.

The app offers a wide range of benefits and luxuries. You can enjoy the fullest version of the Spotify music application without any charges or inconvenience. Bring more entertainment to your life with Spotify.