Spotify Premium APK Android [Updated] No Ads, Unlimited Skips Download

Download the Spotify Premium Apk 2022 with the features like unlimited skips, free of ads, no banning issues, searching facility, downloading facility, create a playlist, easy access to all songs, high-quality sound, no root, customization settings, offline music, friendly interface, and enable repeating.

The Spotify Pro Apk supported multiple devices like for android for iOS for Windows/Pc, and for Mac. Therefore, you can enjoy the music on the desired device.

Spotify Premium Apk

The official Spotify is an application to enjoy the music, but its features irritate the users. For example, the music listeners feel uncomfortable when they watch annoying ads at the time of listening to the songs. Moreover, they can’t skips, download, and access to all the songs.

If you want to enjoy the favorite songs with the desired features, then download the mod Spotify Premium Apk. The reason is that it has premium characteristics for the players without charges.

What is the Spotify Premium Apk [Updated].?

It is the modified version of the official Spotify. So, Spotify released on December 7, 2008. At first, some countries can enjoy the songs on this app that are New Zealand, Europe, Australia, America, and a few parts of Africa. 271 million active music listeners are enjoying this monthly according to a report of 2020. Also, 124 million are subscribers to this application.

Nowadays, the people of the entire world can listen to the songs on this application. More than 10 high-quality superb songs are available in it, but to access to all the songs is not possible. Moreover, the premium features are also locked in the original Spotify.

The third parties broke the official app and launched the premium version for the users. In this pro version, they can enjoy the music without ads, download and share any song, limitless skips, and many other features.

Difference Between Spotify Free and Premium Version

It may be possible that you think about why you should choose the pro version. Likewise, many users have the same question in mind. Spotify Music Premium Apk is completely different according to the features. So, below the table is available that has the main difference between official and premium Spotify.

FeaturesFree SpotifyPremium Spotify
50 million Song AccessYesYes
Audio Books & Podcasts AccessYesYes
Your Music Travel Board Up to 14 DaysUnlimited Access
Use the Pick and Play Track on Mobile As a Default PlaylistEvery Playlist
No Advertisement Yes
Offline Music Yes
Unlimited Downloads Yes
No Root Yes
Unlimited Skips Yes
Limitless Shuffles Yes

You can Also Download Old versions below:



The developers launched Spotify Premium Paid Apk with unique and excellent features. Let’s start a discussion about the facilities for the users that are available in the pro version.


Spotify Premium Mega Mod Apk came with the latest and desired features for the users. Here, we will discuss the main features of this pro-Spotify Apk!

Spotify Premium Apk

Unlimited Skips and Shuffles:

As you know, all the music listeners try to enjoy their favourite songs, and that’s why they need to skip the songs. So, this modified version provides unlimited skips and shuffles for the users. The reason is that the music listeners can get the favourite songs from 10 million songs by skipping.

Free of Ads:

Spotify Blue Premium Apk is launched for users without annoying ads. Also, there are no ads in audio and video songs. The reason is that the users are irritated by watching the advertisement during listing the songs. So download this Spotify Pro Apk and enjoy the songs without ads.

No Banning Issues:

There are no banning issues in this premium apk of Spotify. So, all the music listeners can enjoy the songs without any fear of banning. Do you know? Most users think that they have to face banning problems by using this version.

Searching Facility:

The new and latest feature in this pro version is that you can search for the best songs. Since getting the favourite songs by skipping is a long process, so it is an excellent facility for the users. So, any music listener can enjoy the favourite songs by writing in the search bar.

Downloading Facility:

If you install the Spotify Premium Apk 100 Working on your device, then you can get the downloading facility. As you know, some users are very busy, and they can’t listen to songs online. It may be possible that they face the problems of internet signals. So, download the songs with one click and enjoy them at any time and place.

Create a Playlist:

Since more than 10 million songs are available in the New Spotify Premium Apk, so to listen to the favourite songs without skipping is not possible. Therefore, this premium version brought up the facility to create a playlist. Download the favourite songs and make the playlist. In this way, you can enjoy all the desired songs without skipping.

Easy Access to All Songs:

As you know, official Spotify has more than 10 million songs, and access to all is not possible. If you want to access or unlock all the songs, then download the Best Spotify Premium Apk. The reason is that it allows access to all the songs without charges.

High-Quality Sound:

If you think about the sound quality of this premium version, then don’t need to worry. So, the reason is that it has better sound quality. Even you can set the sound base, equalizer, beat, and other things according to the wishes.

No Root Required:

It may be possible that you think it is a modified version, and you need root permission. So, the developers launched the pro version without root. Even the music listeners don’t need to provide the human verification to download and enjoy the songs on this mod

Customization Settings:

The Spotify Apk no virus has the feature of customization settings. So, if you want to use this app according to the wishes, then it is possible due to this feature. Don’t waste time and download the Spotify Premium Apk Xda and enjoy it without any problem.

Offline Music:

It may be possible that you face the problems of poor internet signals. Or you don’t have enough budgets to enjoy the songs. So, download the Spotify Premium Apk Offline Mode because it provides the facility of offline music.

Multiple Supported Devices:

As you know, music listeners use different devices like android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It doesn’t matter that on which device you want to install the Spotify Unlimited Premium Apk. The reason is that it supports many devices.

Enable Repeating:

If you want to listen to the favorite songs again and again, then don’t need to worry. The reason is that it has a feature of enable the repeating. It doesn’t matter how many songs you want to enjoy again and again. Download the Premium Apk Onhax and enjoy.

Friendly Interface:

All the music listeners can use this Spotify Premium Apk Mody without any problem. Do you know? The reason is that it has simple and easy to understand keys. Even the music listeners don’t need to learn the technical things for using this mod.

Easy to Download:

Some music listeners think that they have to pass through the long process for downloading this premium Apk. But not at all, it is lightweight, and you can download it with just one click. Only you need an internet supported device and a stable internet connection.

Free of Cost:

Many websites are providing this premium Or plus plus Apk, but they require money. Some music listeners can’t pay the charges for downloading this pro version. That’s why this platform allows the users to download this pro application without charges.

Note: The Spotify Premium Offline Apk has many excellent and unique features for the users. As we stated, the main characteristics of this pro version are available in the above section. If you want to know about all the features, then you have to install it in your device. Let’s start a discussion about the downloading and installation process!

How to Download Spotify Apk?

Hundreds of music listeners are available in the world. They use a different device for their purposes. Using various devices for a different purpose is not right. Plus, music listeners don’t like to install this premium version on special tools because it is an irritating task.

Furthermore, the developer of New Spotify Premium Apk launched it for multiple devices. Also, the users can use it on their favorite device, but the process of installing is different for each device. Let’s talk about the downloading and installation process!

Spotify Premium Apk Download Android:

Hundreds of people use the android device because it has excellent features. It may be possible that you have an Android device and want to download the premium version of Spotify on it. You should complete the requirements first and then start the downloading process. Otherwise, you have to face the downloading problems. Let’s talk about the requirement!

Name Spotify Premium Mod Apk
DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
Size29 MB
Android Version4.1 and Above
Release30 March 2020
Safety CheckSafe
UpdatedOne day ago


Downloading and Installing Process:

How To Install Spotify Premium Apk On Android? It may be possible that you don’t know the downloading and installation process. So, don’t need to worry and follow the below process that has simple and easy steps. Let start to download!

  • First of all, arrange the stable internet and connect the supported Android device with it.
  • Secondly, open the security settings of the android device and enable unknown sources.
  • Thirdly, you have to sure about enough space and then tap on the downloading button on “Spotify Premium Free Android Apk.”
  • After that, you should wait to complete the process of downloading.
  • As the process is complete, go to the storage and open the downloaded Spotify premium.
  • Now, tap on the installing button and don’t stop the process until it completes.
  • So, the installation process of Spotify Pro Apk will end after a few moments.
  • Enjoy!

Choose the Right Premium Plan

It is a premium version and the music listeners can’t enjoy the songs on it without paying the charges. Therefore, they need to choose the right premium plan. If you think that Spotify Premium Apk 2020 will require more money, then don’t need to worry. The reason is that music listeners can get the premium plan according to the budgets.

Furthermore, we will discuss the three plans, and you can choose the favorite one. Let’s start a discussion about the plans!

 Premium Individual Plan: 

It is an excellent plan for music lovers. So, if you only want to enjoy the songs on this premium app, then you should subscribe to the individual plan. You can enjoy this plan at 9.99 United States dollars for a month. Which features, you can enjoy in the individual plan? So, the features are available below!

The music listeners can enjoy the music without watching irritating ads.

Also, you can enjoy the songs at any time and place. Even it can be used in offline mode.

If you want to enjoy the songs again and again, then it is also enabled in this plan.

Moreover, users can enjoy songs by making a playlist.

 Family Premium Plan: 

The family premium plan provides more facilities and features for the users, but its cost or budget is a little heavy. Do you know? Six family members can make accounts in this plan and enjoy them with the same budget. So, it is the cheapest premium plan for the users according to the accounts. Music lovers can enjoy the family premium plan for the whole month by paying 14.99 US dollars.

In this premium plan, all the members can enjoy the same playlist of favorite songs. Also, the playlist updates automatically.

Also, you can block explicit music without any problem in this plan.

This premium also provides all the songs without advertisements.

The music listeners can enjoy the songs offline in the family plane.

Moreover, the excellent thing in this plane is that it provides an app for the kids, which are above 12 years.

You can enjoy the music on demand.

 Student Premium Plan: 

Many students are crazy about music. Also, they enjoy the songs online and offline. If you are a student, then you should get an application to enjoy the songs. The Premium Apk Tomzpot of Spotify is excellent and also it has a special discount for students.

Therefore, you should subscribe to the student premium plan and enjoy your favourite songs. Do you know? This plan can be subscribed to 4.99 US dollars for a month. The features are available which you can get in this plan!

It is the Hulu plan or adds a supported plan.

Also, you can enjoy the feature of Showtime in this premium plane.

Moreover, students can enjoy the music without watching ads.

Music lovers can also use this application offline. It doesn’t matter which time or place they want to use it.

Additionally, the feature of playback on demand is also available in the student premium plan.

Do you know? The music lovers can enjoy the Spotify Premium Apk free for a month in all the premium plans. For getting this facility, get the premium version, make an account, and tap on the free trial button.

How to Create an Account on Spotify Premium Apk?

As you know, millions of users are available in the entire world. Also, thousands of music lovers are coming to download this mod daily. Most users don’t know the process of making an account on the Spotify premium app.

So, if you want the simple guidelines to make an account on this application, then don’t need to worry. The simple and easy to understand steps are available below for making an account!

  • First of all, connect your device with an internet connection.
  • Secondly, download the Spotify premium and install it.
  • Launch the installed pro version after completing the installation.
  • After doing this, you will see some options.
  • Write the email or Facebook account in the first option.
  • Then, confirm the email address again and make a secure password in the below option.
  • After that, write the username that will be used to call.
  • Now, select the month, day, and year.
  • The next step is to choose the gender, either you are male or female.
  • Then, tap on the signup button.

When you make your account on this application, you have to select the premium plan for enjoying the songs. If you want to use this pro version for free, then it is possible only for one month. So, tap on the free trial and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Question:

Hundreds of questions are available on Google that asked by the people. It may be possible that you have questions about this premium app in mind. Therefore, we will discuss the answer to those questions, which are frequently asked. Let’s start!

Is Spotify Premium APK safe?

Many music listeners think the same questions about safety. So, the third parties published this app with the Antiban feature. Spotify Pro Apk is 100% safe and secure for all the music listeners. Therefore, don’t waste time and tap on the above link to download it without banning it.

how to get Spotify premium for free?

If you want to enjoy the music or download the Spotify premium without charges, then don’t need to worry. The reason is that you can get this application here for free of cost. We have fully-featured Spotify premium and without charges.

How can I get Spotify Premium free forever?

To get the Spotify premium forever is not possible. The reason is that it is the pro version, and you have to pay for it. Yes, the music listeners can enjoy the songs on this premium Apk for free only one month because it gives the free trial to all the users.

Will downloading Spotify give me a virus?

If you think that Spotify leaves a virus on the devices, then don’t worry. It is not malware or any other kind of virus. Even the premium version is useful for the users because it saves the storage of the devices. Therefore, install it and enjoy it.

Is getting Spotify Premium for free illegal?

It may be possible that you are searching for ways to get this premium app for free all the time. So, it is illegal because it is a paid version. Also, this version provides the free trails for a month to all the users. But, they have to choose the premium plan after enjoying a month.

How do you get free Spotify on Android?

If you have an android device to use the premium Spotify for free, then don’t need to worry. So, the downloading link of this application is available above. You have to enable the unknown sources first and then download it. After downloading, open the file and tap on the installing button.

How much does Spotify cost?

There are three premium plans in the Spotify pro. One is an individual plan, the second is a family plan, and the third is the student plan. So, the music listeners can enjoy for a month by paying the different charges. For example, you have to pay 9.99 $ for individual, 14.99 $ for family, and 4.99 $ for student premium plan.

How much is 1 year of Spotify?

If you want to enjoy your favourite songs for a year on this premium version, then you have to pay the heavy charges. For example, the monthly charges of this premium are 9.99 United States. So, the music listeners have to pay the 199.88 US dollars for a year.

Why does Spotify need your birthday?

Above 18 years, people can use this premium application. So, it identifies that the users are eligible to use this premium app or not. Therefore, it needs a birthday. If you want the songs for kids, then subscribe to the family premium plan because it has a free app for the child.

Can you listen to Spotify offline without premium?

Hundreds of music listeners want to enjoy the premium Spotify offline music. So, it is possible in both versions like free and pro-Spotify. You can access thousands of songs offline in this version. Also, the music listeners can enjoy the songs offline at any time and place.

Do you love Spotify and can’t afford its higher price? Don’t worry! You are not the only one with this issue.

You know!

The payment range of Spotify varies from plan to plan. But most people can’t afford the cheapest plan. So, we have found a midway for you. Due to your greater interest, we have found the answer to how to get Spotify premium APK for free.

I think!

You are very curious about the way that we have found for you. Let us see what those methods are.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

A Spotify premium APK is the crack and modified version of Spotify. For android, it is the most welcoming music streaming service all over the globe, which helps you to enjoy a lot of music by Spotify premium and free without any barrier, like ads.

If you are a music lover and did not find any music app according to your mood, then you can easily get Spotify premium APK for free, which offers 20 million music. Here is our discussion about how to get Spotify premium APK for free.

How to get Spotify premium APK for free?

The most reasonable way to get a Spotify Premium for free is to sign up and create a radio station of all your favorite songs.

You are, obviously, thinking about whether Spotify premiums are safe or not? Be happy with the news that Spotify is purely safe for your Android device.

In fact, Spotify works on all devices like Android, iPhone, tablets, and computers so just need to pay attention, how to get free Spotify Premium APK free. There are some below-mentioned ways to get Spotify free.

  • From your favorite browser open the Spotify premium APK
  • Just click on the Spotify free button.
  • There is an easy way, you can either sign up for the account from Facebook or Gmail. If you have signed up for the account from Gmail, then you have to fill the foam with all the necessary information like user name, father’s name, gender, and date of birth.
  • If using Facebook, tap the button signed up with Facebook, then type your details like username and password, and then login.

Keep one thing in mind,

Just focus on all the terms and conditions, privacy policies related to Spotify premium APK before signing up.

Family member account

Do your family members or friends are users of Spotify premium APK, already?

It’s good!

Ask them to join the accounts. Maximum of six accounts can be attached. In this way, all the members in your Spotify premium APK can enjoy free music.

Multiple trial accounts

The most efficient method to get Spotify premium APK is to have multiple trial accounts. Sign up for 3 months of free trials. Obviously, you can have multiple accounts with different email addresses.

Features for Spotify premium APK

No ads

There are no ads in the premium version of Spotify premium APK. You simply enjoy your music with fluency.

Unlimited downloads

There is no chance to be irritated by the space issue. You can download your favorite music and there is no need to worry about space.

Offline music

Sometimes users have no time to listen to music online. Spotify premium APK gives its users to listen to their favorite music offline.

Better sound quality

This latest feature of Spotify premium APK gives clear sound quality. Because sound matters a lot while listening to music. Have a very clear sound of music and have nice fun.

Create a playlist

If you face difficulty in finding your favorite then make a playlist and enjoy your collection anytime.


We have discussed how to get Spotify premium APK for free for your sake. But, it is up to you how smartly you use this trick. Or, you can say that it is a matter of interest.


Final Verdict:

As a result, music listeners can download the Spotify Premium Apk 2020. Also, they don’t need to pay the charges for downloading and installing this premium Apk. A lot of fully working features are available in this Spotify Pro Apk.

Hopefully, we have mentioned enough information about this premium version. It may be possible you have any query in mind. So, write your demand and questions in the comment section that is present below. Keep visiting this platform for the new details. Thanks!